Picking and packing

Efficient co-ordination and modern warehouse management is our recipe for sound warehouse operations.

We pick, pack, and ship your goods

With our pick-and-pack service, we can store, pick, and ship your goods to your customers for you. Our warehouse staff will ensure that your goods are packed and shipped to the right addresses. This means that you can save on administrative, warehousing, and staffing costs.

You decide how often your good will be picked. We develop individual solutions for each of our customers, so you get a contract that meets your needs.

Using DatCol, our warehouse management system, we record the physical location of your goods in our warehouse, so we always know exactly where they are. We can handle simple and complex jobs alike. The service we provide is the same whether you have 5 SKUs or 15,000.

We can process goods on a first-in, first-out basis. For goods with limited shelf lives, we ensure that the oldest products are shipped first, so there is no need to worry about waste.

The benefits of our pick-and-pack service

  • Fewer warehouse expenses 
  • Efficient warehouse management with DatCol
  • Less waste with FIFO

Any questions?

Do you have questions regarding transport, logistics, or warehouse? Feel free to reach out at any time.